Screen Printing offers quality custom screen printing at very affordable prices.

Your concepts and our precision production create unique and effective methods that get your branding message across for all to see. Generate profits by advertising your business, organization, upcoming fundraiser, concert, or school play with custom t-shirts.

Get noticed and keep everyone uniform with custom designed shirts for your school or team, fire department, family reunion or religious organization. Give exciting and outrageous custom t-shirts as party favors for your upcoming bar/bat mitzvah, sweet 16, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary or family vacation.

Custom t-shirts are a fantastic cost-effective way to show your appreciation. Don’t forget, there are plenty of other garments that can be screen printed too, like sweatshirts, sweatpants, long sleeve t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hats, drawstring backpacks, messenger bags, gym bags, non-woven eco friendly bags, towels, thermals, denim shirts, tank tops, underwear, jerseys, shorts and uniforms.

Ever wonder what screen printing is and how it actually works??? Well, look no further, we’ll give you the complete insider scoop on how the magic happens here at APromosUSA.

Let’s start with the basics…what is screen printing anyway?

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses finely woven mesh screens in combination with ink-blocking stencils and squeegees. Ink is forced through the permeable areas of the woven mesh within the stencil shape of the screen to create beautiful artwork on garments. The apparel is then heated and cured for lasting wearable results.

How does it all happen at APromosUSA?

First, it all beings with your creative ideas when you’ve used our online design studio.

Once you’ve completed your order online, your design idea is rushed to our Art Team. This is where our expert staff reviews your design for accuracy and moves it forward to our pre-production staff.

Second, once it arrives to pre-production, your design is then deconstructed by color through a process called color separation. In this process, a separate screen will be created for each ink color that is used in the design. However, before the pre-production team can bring your design to the screen prep department, each color must first be printed onto a film positive.

Third, the pre-production team brings the film positives to the screen prep team. This talented team sets up the screens with a photosensitive emulsion coating. Then each color separated film positive is attached to each individual coated screen. After adhesion, each screen is exposed to ultraviolet light which creates a hardening of the emulsion. The purpose of this is to burn each color of the design into the screen. Next, the emulsion is removed by power washing, leaving a stencil shape of your design image on the mesh. This is necessary for the ink to pass through the screen when on press.

Fourth, the screen print production team sets up the printing press to being printing your design. To do this, an automatic press is loaded by hand with the set of screens necessary for your design. Ink is then poured by color onto each screen of your custom design. Our screen printing team then loads your t-shirt onto the press, checking to make sure that it is lying evenly and straight.

Next, the automatic press takes over, by lowering the screen onto your garment. Ink is pushed evenly across the screen with a rubber print squeegee. The screen than lifts and your t-shirt revolves around the press stopping at every screen, ensuring that each new ink color is pressed onto your shirt.

The screen than lifts and your t-shirt revolves around the press stopping at every screen, ensuring that each new ink color is pressed onto your shirt.

Finally, the t-shirt is removed from the printing press and is placed on a belt that runs through our hi-power dryer. Within the dryer, ink is cured at 320 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure color fastness. Upon completion of drying, our production team removes the garment from the drying belt and inspects it, making sure that it meets our quality standards. Your order then moves into our shipping department for packaging and prompt shipment of your custom t-shirts.

Want a fresh new way to bring your t-shirt design concept to life? Then you’re in the right place! Take your custom t-shirt to a brand new level of creativity by adding these exciting specialty ink techniques to your design.

metallic-silver-goldMetallic Inks
Metallic Inks offer a fantastic way to get the shimmer that your shirts are starving for. Offered in both Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold, these inks enhance the look of your design, and offer a smooth and durable texture.



crystalline-yellow-sparkleCrystalline Ink
Want to sparkle? Than Crystalline Ink is the way to go. This specialty ink has glitter mixed in as an additive that can be applied to just about any standard ink color. Because Crystalline Ink reflects light, it is a beautiful way to get noticed with dramatic sparkling effects.



puff-inkPuff Ink
Get a 3D look and feel with expanding ink. Puff Ink offers a fabulous method to achieve a 3-Dimensional look by creating the appearance of depth. Make your 3D design have impact by adding puff ink to one color, and keeping another ink color standard…it’s a trendy way to achieve texture.



glitter-inkGlitter Ink
Silver Glitter Ink is an attractive means of making your design sparkle. Add accents to specific areas or choose to make your entire design glitter.





Foil Applications
Shiny and smooth, Foil is a brand new special effect technique that will set your custom t-shirts apart from the rest. Seen in use on many designer t-shirts, Foil designs instantly create the illusion of wealth, worn by today’s trendsetters.




Rhinestone and Metallic Nailhead Appliquès
Everyone loves to make a statement with a little BLING-BLING. Rhinestone appliquès are the perfect way to spice up your t-shirt design and create instant status appeal. Integrate both screen printing and rhinestone appliquès for a mixed media design result guaranteed to turn heads.



For your easy reference, the chart below lists the Maximum Print Sizes for the majority of our garments. Have questions? Contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-987-8766 or email us at


Want to make your design really come to life? Check out our complete guide to screen printing ink colors that are available to you at

We offer an extensive collection of eye appealing ink colors that will make your custom designed t-shirts look fantastic! Have a specific color in mind? Or need PMS color matching for your logo, no problem. APromosUSA offers Pantone Color Matching for a minimal charge of $20 per color. Additionally, APromosUSA offers a wide variety of Unique Expert Printing & Appliqué Techniques that will make your design shine. Choose from an exciting array of metallic inks, glitter inks, puff ink, foil, rhinestone appliqués, vinyl lettering and mixed media processes. Contact our Customer Service Team for details.

PLEASE BE ADVISED – Due to the varying degree of monitor settings, the colors shown on this screen MAY NOT MATCH the actual ink colors on the garments. This guide should be used for an approximate reference only.