At The ImageMaker / APromosUSA, there’s nothing we love more than making bar/bat mitzvah kids happy!  That’s why we’re posting some our favorite party favors that really stood out from the rest.

Military Inspired Bar Mitzvah Favor complete with:

  • 3D Specialty Ink
  • Custom Military Grade Dog Tag with custom phrase
  • Raw Edge Sweatshirt
  • Military Patches

x23xboysfront_apromosusa-imagemaker-bar-mitzvah-favor-281x300 4everyoung_apromosusa_imagemaker_bar-mitzvah-favor-300x282 dog-tag-zipper-pull-apromosusa-imagemaker-bar-mitzvah-party-favor-300x180

Club Paradise theme with pink version for the girls and green version for the boys:

club-paradise-boys-bar-mitzvah-favor-apromosusa-imagemaker-239x300 club-paradise-girls-_-bat-mitzvah-favor-apromosusa-the-imagemaker-276x300

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